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Langtang Trekking Details Information 2017

The langtang valley trekking is Combines part of remote and spectacular Scenery of North Part high mountain lakes at Gosainkunda and the beautiful Helambuvalley. This region is on the north of Kathmandu and bordering Tibet. This region is inhabited by Tibetans and tamang. The many Himalayans peaks like: langtang-ri, langtang lirung, Dorge lapka peak gives immense beauty to this region which is known as the famous trekking destination in this region. Visit the beautiful langtang national park and then trek to the end of the valley view the wonderful ice flutes and gyangchermpo. This region gives an opportunity to explore langtang national park, villages, climb small mountains and to visit glaciers, area is famous for its natural beauty and wonderful climate with superb snow capped mountain views. Its twin attributes, easy accessibility and breathtaking mountain scenery, make it very popular among the fraternity. A little further up the valley is kyangin gompa, where we stop overnight and sample the local yak cheese. Each area in itself is a good choice for those with limited time which offers many features that range for culture to adventure. High mountains covered with thick layer of ice overlook the langtang valley.
Backtracking, we travel through Syabru and Sing Gompa to a high plateau, where the sacred lake gosainkunda is located. Gosainkunda is easy accessible from Kathmandu. A three week trip can covered all three areas of this region. The Helambhu- Gosainkunda trek takes one to Gosainkunda lake- a sacred site for devotees of hindu god shiva. Backtracking, we travel through Syabru and Sing Gompa to a high plateau, where the sacred lake gosainkunda is located. The Himalayan views overall are not quite as spectacular as in the khumbu region, but they remain unforgettably beautiful plus the trails are less crowded and the people are friendly and interesting. This region is famous for both trekking and pilgrimage. Following the Turisuli River north out of kathmandu   we travel through Trasuli Bazaar and dhunche to Syabrubensi, a Sherpa village located at the very edge of the langtang national park.
Langtang Region Flora Fauna
Langtang regions consists langtang valley, Helambu, gosainkunda lakes, about Forty five villages are located within the park boundaries. This park stands as a meeting point of indo- Malayan and pale arctic realms. It has an area of 1710sq kilometers the two prominent Himalayan Rivers namely west into the Trisuli River and east to the Sun Koshi River flow through this park. So it is the habitat for different kinds of vegetarian and wild animals. Sub- tropical vegetation characterized by Sal forest in the southern section of the park is gradually taken over by the hill forest consisting of Chirepine, Rhododendron, and Nepalese alder. The park has helped to conserve different sites of cultural significance. A survey conducted by the national park last year had found 14 herds of Ghoral with the total population of 344 Ghorals. The temperate zone is mainly covered by oak forest fading to old growth forest of silver fir, hemlock, and larch in the lower sub- alpine zone. The park is also famous for its cultural richness there are many culture sites such as the ‘Bon Po’ doctrine of Tibet and the religious place gosaikunda.
Habitat of red pandas, yet another near extinct species found in Himalayan region, is also in the high risk following the landslide Ghyangphedi of Nuwakot district. The complex topography and

Geology together with the varied climatic patterns of this park provides wide spectrum of vegetation types. The park provide habitat for a wide range of animals and other important mammals of the pare including musk deer, wild dog, Himalayan black bear, rhesus monkey, common langur, red panda, serow, Himalayan tahr, leopard, muntjac, red monkey, etc. it is here at 4000m Juniper and Rhododendron shrubs slowly dissolve into expensive alpine grassland meadows.  Meanwhile, park officials said they have stepped up patrolling in the park to curb the rise in poaching of wild life post- earthquake. The forest of Sal, Khotesalla, Louth salla, Langtang Salla, Gobresalla, Oak, rhododendron etc. is found here. This park is situated in the remote area although it is very near to Kathmandu. This region was designated as the first Himalayan National Park in 1970-1971 AD. This region is expansive high meadows provide summer habitat for numerous ungulate species such as musk deer and Himalayan tahr. This park is also famous for tourist for trekking.  

 Lantang Trekking Permit
Nepal trekking fee is not requiring for regular routes of the trekking region. So, even if there were still a lot of ifs and when involved in our planning, one thing seemed at least for sure: we would need to get a TIMS card and langtang national park entrance permit. TIM’s fee cost about US$10 for the organized trek through the recognized agency and US$20 for individual trekkers. Both could easily be obtained at the Nepal tourism board in the Kathmandu. To get a group trekking permit an application from with other relevant document should be submitted through any registered trekking agency in Nepal. About Langang National Park Entry Permit could get directly at Dhunche, Per Person Rs 3000 |- and 13% vat rule of Nepal Government. Trekking fee can be paid in Nepalese currency. However national park and conservation fee are   compulsory requires in differ areas.
Langtang Trekking Route
Langtang valley trekking package word is come from Tibet which mean following ox. This valley trekking is also known as the valley of glaciers trek. Though there are many myths regarding this name most said once the lama lost his ox so he start the trail, it is believed the same trail is used for trekking too. The trail accent few minutes after  continue to quite easy pass through the moraines you reach a Langshisha Kharka, which is marked by a number of poles with prayer flags. In this valley besides natural wonders you also visit local Tibetan village and you can see their lifestyle and the last destination of this trekking is Kyanjin Gompa. 

Langtang Gosainkunda
Langtang gosainkunda is another popular route in this region. Both Hindus and Buddhists pilgrims gather around this area every year especially on full moon day of August. If you move back and forth along the east into the Langtang valley and passing through the river takes many times as you move up along a gorge-like lower part of the valley come across through oak and rhododendron forests and also move along glacial moraine on the way to the Tamang village of Langtang. This is one of the holy mountain lakes at an altitude of 4380 meter from sea level. The trek turns out into pleasing walk through Rhododendron and pine forest and you will see honey hunter animal, langur Monkey (Seto badar) and waterfalls and the trek continues to reach in this holy place.

Helambu Circuit
Helambu circuit is easy level trekking. This trek is the best trekking in the langtang region. This valley is popular for natural beauty and wonderful climate with awesome views of snow- covered mountain. This trekking doesn’t go beyond 3500m/11480ft from sea level the route of this trekking passes through forest and village. This trek offers you a  great opportunity to know the yolmo culture which is practiced in high mountains, meet tamang and Sherpa who live there years and years ago and their friendly nature and forest consisting of rhododendron, oak and bamboo hich make this trek the diverse trail that is nearest to Kathmandu valley. 
Trekking in langtang valley and ganjala, north of Kathmandu, offers a multitude of trekking destinations. This treks lies in the langtang valley which remain attached with the southern border to Tibet is the manor settlement of tamang and Sherpa ethnic group. Our whole trip winds and amazing natural glorious vast forest as rhododendron rice slopes, Oldest Buddhist monastery and Tamang Culture and Sherpa people. A trek offers an entirely wilderness and adventure experience. Original ancestor from Tibet combine thamang and Sherpa culture offer to visit as biggest tamang and Sherpa Villageto climb Small Mountain and peaks and for visiting glaciers at a comfortably low elevation. The trail starts south, following streams, moraines and climbing steeply towards the pass.
Langtang Tamang heritage Trail
Langtang tamang heritage trail trekking is the recently opened trekking route in langtang region. This trek is an exciting trek into the Himalayas that offers traveler a peek into the every- day lives of tamang people who are Nepalese mountain dwellers of the langtang region. About 150 years ago, Nepal fought Tibet over salt and some of the biggest areas where this war took place in the langtang region. It offers a glance of the typical life style and culture of mountain people called tamang.  This trekking will get addition to culture experience of tamang, this trekking offer stunning mountain views of langtang and wilderness walking experience through beautiful landscape of the alpine terrain and rhododendron forest.
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